Your development

We pride ourselves on providing a positive, supportive working environment with a structured programme of development opportunities, to give all our people the chance to grow and shine.

Supporting you in your role

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from ongoing support to help you develop in your role. Find out more about the support we offer our employees below…


When you join Minster Law, you’ll receive an induction that is tailored to your role. All new colleagues are invited to attend a half day Welcome Day which is catered to you and the department you are in. In addition, you will attend a social event where you will meet lots of colleagues from around the business, find out more about our committees, learning and development opportunities and much more!

One to Ones

You’ll have a one-to-one meeting with your line manager on a monthly basis. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your wellbeing and receive feedback on your performance against your goals and objectives. It’s a time for you to share examples of what you think is going well and what you think could be going better. These discussions will help you know if you are meeting your expectations and if there’s anything you need to do differently.
Our objectives give us direction and affirm our place in a bigger picture at Minster. In addition to monthly one-to-one meetings, we have a mid-year and end of year appraisal where our success is measured in part, against our objectives. Successfully achieving our objectives links through to our annual bonus scheme, which is just one of the many benefits our colleagues get.
Remember, your one-to-one isn’t just about performance though. It’s your chance to talk about anything else to do with your role and career – a platform to discuss your ambitions and how we can help you achieve them.

Learning Platform

Here at Minster Law we have a broad range of learning tools, all of which are accessible via our Learning Platform. The platform includes department and role specific information to assist with the technical parts of your role, along with hundreds of different webinars covering a whole host of work related and personal development topics.

Technical Training and Coaching

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) deliver our technical training to ensure that key areas of law are up to date and correct. We also arrange regular specialist training sessions that are delivered by leading experts in the field, including council chambers. This training ensures that our colleagues in legal roles have the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver excellent results.
Our line managers across the business support our colleagues in their day-to-day roles by providing guidance, feedback and support. Our learning and development team also provide specific coaching to ensure consistency and to support the achievement of our goals.

Management development

We provide dedicated development for our line managers on a regular basis; whether this is our Team Leader Development Programme or Leading our People course for managers. We recognise the need for a practical learning environment for our line managers, focusing on key management practices and courses that provide insight into you as an individual, the people you manage and the business.

Case Clinics

Case clinics are held within department, to give our colleagues the opportunity to work with others to resolve a specific issue on a case. This provides a valuable support network and ensures that skills and experiences are shared.

Ongoing development

We are committed to ongoing development in your career, whatever your role. We provide opportunities in the form of training sessions, e-learning or coaching and encourage colleagues to take time each month for personal development.
Your Journey is Minster Law’s innovative internal system designed to support employees in their self-development. This could be within their existing roles, or to give them the opportunity to consider different pathways for their career. This is an area that brings together:

Coupled with the Learning Platform, Your Journey enables employees to see their own development needs to succeed in their current role while building a personalised development plan towards other positions within Minster Law.

We could sponsor you in your studies

We also offer study sponsorship if you’re looking to achieve professional qualifications. Whether your role is legal or not, Minster Law is committed to developing our people.

“Minster Law is absolutely the company you should work for if you are looking for a business that heavily invests in its people. I have been fortunate enough to have my CIPD Level 7 sponsored by Minster and this has created some amazing opportunities for me. Through supporting me with my qualification Minster has also offered me flexibility to study and given me exposure to situations which have allowed me to put into practise all my learnings and make recommendations to the business. I cannot thank Minster enough for this incredible opportunity and support.”Victoria Broadley, Junior HR Business Partner