Training Contracts

Applications for our September 2021 training contracts will open in early 2021. Check here to see all vacancies.

Pursuing a career in the legal industry can be really exciting and extremely rewarding and if you’re looking for a challenge, you won’t be disappointed! The personal injury industry is currently undergoing some significant legislative changes, which are creating big opportunities for many personal injury firms including the development and expansion of their personal legal services teams. As a forward-thinking and innovative personal injury specialist, there has been no better time to start your legal career with us.

We adopt a structured approach to our training and development and as a trainee solicitor you’ll be fully supported with quality coaching and mentoring by experts across a variety of specialisms.

The training contract is helping me to develop my skills not only as a future lawyer but as a future business leader

Find out more about our training contracts programme below.

“The training contract is helping me to develop my skills not only as a future lawyer but as a future business leader”Tamina Aslam, Minster Law legal trainee solicitor

Training contracts quick facts

  • Experience all areas of the business in order to maximise your knowledge and inform future choices
  • Work alongside our Senior Leadership Team to develop your business and leadership skills
  • Undertake quality training and coaching to develop your legal and wider commercial skills, with the opportunity to work towards a specialism in high value work
  • Get involved in business development initiatives and a range of networking opportunities
  • You will get exposure to experienced colleagues who will share learning and best practice
  • Take advantage of a number of other great benefits as a Minster Law employee.

Our training contract programme is a great way for graduates and aspiring solicitors to take the next step on their career journey through the legal industry. By undertaking a number of ‘seats’ within the two-year training programme, trainees gain experience in different areas of the business in order to maximise their knowledge across a range of subjects and gain the practical experience and commercial skills required to be a great solicitor.

We believe that business acumen is more important than ever to the success of our solicitors. The successful introduction of our ‘business seat’ to our training contract programme is part of our continued commitment to helping develop and shape our solicitors into well-rounded legal professionals.

The business seat enables trainees to work alongside a member of our senior leadership team so that they can understand all aspects of the business and see the contribution the solicitors make to the wider company. The three-month placement encompasses a wide range of activities generally focused around a company-wide project, including sitting in on departmental meetings, conducting research, liaising with departments inside and outside of Minster Law, consumer research and data analysis.

“The business seat gave me a unique opportunity to participate in meetings I’d never have otherwise attended, having spent all my time in Operations. And this gave me invaluable insight into how what I do for my clients now has a major impact on the business’ ability to form new partnerships, maintain our existing relationships and elevate our profile in the wider industry in the future.”Matthew Itson, Solicitor, Serious Injury

Applications are now open

Applications for our September 2021 training contracts will open in September 2020 and close in January 2021.

Please download this form, once complete please attach this to your application which can be submitted here.

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