Whiplash reforms

On May 31st 2021 Government reforms will come into place which changes the process of a personal injury claim following a road traffic accident. Here at Minster, we have created FAQs and Glossary’s to help you understand changes that may affect you

You can download our Glossary of frequent terms used in a personal injury claim here.

What are the reforms?

The ‘reforms’ refer to the changes, introduced by the government, to low value personal injury claims caused by road traffic accidents.

The Ministry of Justice has instructed the Motor Insurance Bureau to create a self service portal that the public can use to submit their personal injury claims if they are under £5,000 in value for the injury part of their claim and under £10,000 overall.

When do the reforms come into place?

The reforms come into place on May 31st 2021. Whether or not your claim falls under the new reforms depends on the date of your accident. Only if your accident happened on or after May 31st 2021 will your claim fall under the new reforms.

What are the major changes that affect me?

There are a lot of major and minor changes but we think these are the headline areas affecting the consumer;

What does OIC stand for?

The OIC stands for Official Injury Claims which is the service created by the MIB to support the new reforms.  Learn more about the different terms used in a personal injury claim here.

What is included under the new reforms?

Which type of claims are not affected by the reforms?