Interview hints and tips

While our recruitment process is demanding, it isn’t designed to trip you up. We want to give you every opportunity to demonstrate who you are and what you’re capable of – the interview is designed to get the best out of you, and we want you to feel at ease.

Just remember…

Give us 100% and show us how good you are

We’re committed to offering our clients the very best service, which means recruiting the very best people. Our interviews are based on competency questions – we want to hear about real situations and how you used your skills and experience to deal with them. And we want to find out what you’ve achieved – it will help you to think about this before you come along.

And don’t forget – interviews are a two-way street

Your interview is your opportunity to find out if Minster Law is right for you, so make sure you come armed with plenty of questions. It shows you’re genuinely interested in us and the role – and we’re always ready to answer them.

Finally, don’t forget to bring along all the documents we asked to see – and good luck!

Our top tips

When interviewing, I’m looking for equal measures of technical potential and commerciality. Demonstrate both!Rachel Di Clemente, Head of Multi-Track

Be yourself, communicate your passion and use who you are as an asset. Great companies employ people, not machines!Shirley Woolham, Director of Operations

Definitely be yourself, if the company is the right fit for you the recruitment process should seem easy. Don’t try to force it.Amy Thirtle, Resourcing Manager

The best thing about working for Minster Law is its investment in development and growth of its people.Natalie Spurrier, Team and Business Development Manager

Don’t be afraid of rejection and turn failure into a learning opportunity.David Merchant, Negligence Solicitor