Crush Injuries

Crush injuries can be one of the most devastating and wide-ranging injuries to occur.

They are often associated with accidents at work and can range from fractured fingers and hands to life-changing injuries necessitating amputation of limbs, head and brain injuries, or in the case of a serious spinal injury, paralysis.

In the most serious of cases a crush injury can be fatal, especially when extreme pressure has been applied to the chest.

In the workplace the cause of such injuries can be varied but can include accidents involving moving unguarded machinery and vehicles, or can occur while lifting, stacking or general manual handling of goods and materials. As a result of such accidents, it is common for hands and fingers to be become trapped and trauma to be sustained to upper or lower limbs.

Such injuries are not only extremely painful and disabling in the short term but can also lead to long term conditions such as Crush Syndrome, Compartment Syndrome, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Investigating the accident

When representing clients who have sustained crush injuries Minster Law act promptly to ensure the circumstances surrounding the accident are investigated quickly, so the cause of the accident is identified and those responsible are held accountable for paying you compensation.

There may need to be an external investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive.

We work to obtain relevant witness statements, documentary or video evidence and correspond with the relevant parties and authorities to identify those responsible for causing the accident at an early stage and invite them to accept responsibility.

In the event liability for the accident is disputed, then ultimately legal action may be necessary to determine the issue at court and obtain an order to force the responsible party to pay you compensation.

Rehabilitation and getting back to work

While carrying out the above investigations, we also consider whether early intervention, rehabilitation or medical treatment may improve your present or long-term condition and liaise with responsible party over the funding and implementation of the same.

Upon concluding the investigation into the accident, we will endeavour to obtain early interim payments of compensation to help with any financial difficulties that may be caused by lost income due to your inability to work.

In some cases, it may be necessary to appoint an occupational therapist or case manager to liaise with your treating doctors/consultants to prepare treatment and rehabilitation plans to enable you to get back to work in the shortest possible timescale and discuss with your employer any adaptations/adjustments that can be made to your employment or working environment to accommodate your return to work.

In the most serious of cases returning to work may not be possible and it will therefore be necessary to set up a periodical payment plan, or invest the settlement achieved in the best way possible to provide for your future financial needs, care, accommodation requirements and any ongoing treatment.

What is the value of my claim?

The overall value of a claim is dependent upon many factors including the extent of the initial injury, any long term affects or disabilities, the need for future treatment/surgery, the impact upon your employment, earnings and pension and the need for care and assistance with carrying out personal or domestic activities within your home.

In order to assess the above there may be a requirement for us to commission reports from leading medical experts in many fields depending on the nature of the injuries sustained – Minster Law will always investigate the injury fully.

In addition to a claim for pain suffering we will also assess your claim for direct financial losses arising from your injuries. These can relate to both past and future losses that you have incurred or are likely to incur throughout your life, due to your injuries or medical condition.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident at work, which you believe was due to the negligence of your employer, our specialist teams could help you.

If your employer is found to be at fault for your accident, then you will be entitled to claim compensation for your pain and suffering together with recovery of your financial losses and expenses.

We understand you may have concerns about making a claim against your employer, but we’re here to guide you and give you the right advice and help when you need it.

Why choose Minster Law for a crush injury claim?

  • Our specialist team have secured over £40 million in damages for our seriously injured clients in the last year alone.
  • As one of the largest serious injury teams in the UK, our highly experienced team work alongside some of the UK’s leading Barristers and medical experts, ensuring you have access to the very best advice and support.
  • Our competitive and clear funding options allow you to properly understand how you’ll fund your claim.
  • We work nationally - no matter where you are, we can provide the advice you need and offer face to face support.

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