Construction Claims

People who work in building or construction should expect high safety regulations to be in place, however if something does go wrong, we can provide the dedicated support you need.

Our aim is to provide you with a smooth claims journey and leading rehabilitation services which get you quickly on the road to recovery.

Construction sites in the UK remain one of the most dangerous places to work.

Despite the safety rules and regulations which are in place employees and members of the public are exposed to potentially high-risk roles and equipment which can lead to accidents and injuries. The resulting effects can range from minor soft tissue damage to the most significant catastrophic injury or even death.

Any person who suffers a construction accident at work as the result of employer negligence, or as a member of the public lawfully on a construction site, is entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

The most common construction site injuries are caused by:

Unfortunately claims for personal injuries and associated losses arising from construction sites are often complicated and complex. Minster Law can however help guide you through these complexities by helping you to resolve matters such as, who is liable to the accident and what you may be able to claim for your injuries or losses.

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Who will my claim be against?

Unfortunately, the nature of a construction site means multiple people can be on-site or responsible for works or equipment. This may include the construction company, the architect, the site manager, contractors or even fellow employees.

Trying to establish who was responsible in a construction claim can be a difficult step to overcome. However, there are strict regulations and rules that have been imposed by The Health and Safety Executive on the people that are charged with overseeing construction sites. We can help you to establish who is responsible for your accident.

What do I need to consider when it comes to liability?

An important fact which is often overlooked is you do not need to be an employee to bring a claim for personal injury from a construction site. Agents, self-employed persons, contractors or even members of the public still have legal grounds for compensation. The main condition is those responsible for the incident owe you a duty of care because you weren’t to blame.

Recent changes in English law mean those responsible for construction sites are no longer strictly liable in regard to their employees or agents by virtue of having simply failed to comply with a known statute or regulation. Instead, an injured party must prove negligence. The need to establish negligence can itself be a complex process, which Minster Law can help guide you through. An injured party must show the construction operative owed them a duty of care, breached that duty and the injury or losses arose as a result of that breach.

As a member of the public entering a construction site as a lawful visitor you are owed a duty of care and the owner or occupier must take reasonable care for your safety.

Should you find yourself injured while in a public place due to construction works then again negligence will need to be established against those responsible for the site.

Understanding your injuries

Construction claims can give rise to all injury types and severity from minor sprains to catastrophic spinal or head or brain injury and even death.

It is essential that your injuries are assessed by lawyers with the skills to understand and help you deal with those injuries.

Why choose Minster Law for a construction site injury claim?

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