Chemical burns

Injuries can be sustained when mishandling chemicals at work, in school or as a result of negligent or treatment by service providers such as hairdressers or companies offering cosmetic treatments.

Chemical burns can occur when your skin or eyes come into contact with an irritant, such as an acid, alkaline or caustic chemicals. If ingested they can cause internal injuries to your organs or senses, including loss of sight.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) sets out the law for employers to follow for the safe management and handling of substances used in the workplace that are hazardous to health.  This could include a harmful gas, liquid or substance which comes into direct contact with the skin, the eyes, or is inhaled.

The most common examples of negligence/breach of the regulations include employees having been exposed to hazardous chemicals without receiving the appropriate training, protective equipment or guidance being given about the associated risks when dealing with such substances.

The types of injuries suffered can range from minor to severe burns, dermatitis, toxic poisoning and loss of sight. In serious cases the exposure to harmful substances can be fatal.

Investigating the accidents

When representing clients who have sustained chemical burn injuries it is important that the circumstances surrounding the accident are investigated quickly to identify the substance that has caused the injury.

If the accident has occurred in the workplace then there may need to be an external investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive.

In the event liability for the accident is disputed, then ultimately legal action may be necessary to determine the issue at court and obtain an order to force the responsible party to pay you compensation. However, in most cases the parties are usually able to agree an out of court settlement prior to any court hearing and often, even before any legal proceedings are necessary.


While carrying out the above, we also consider whether early intervention, rehabilitation or medical treatment may improve your present or long-term condition and liaise with responsible party over the funding and implementation of the same.

Upon concluding the investigation into the accident, we will endeavour to obtain early interim payments of compensation to help with any financial difficulties that may be caused by lost income, if the injury has prevented you from working.

Value of claim

The overall value of a claim is dependent upon many factors including the extent of the initial injury, any long term affects or disabilities, the need for future treatment/surgery, the impact upon your employment, earnings/pension and the need for care and assistance with carrying out personal or domestic activities within your home.

In order to assess the above there may be a requirement for us to commission reports from experts in many fields depending on the nature of the accident and injuries sustained. These may include experts such as Toxicologists, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Respiratory Physicians, Consultant Ophthalmologists, Psychologist and Psychiatrists.

In addition to a claim for pain suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA), which are known as ‘general damages’ we will also assess your claim for direct financial losses arising from your injuries, known as’ special damages’. These can relate to both past and future losses that you have incurred or are likely to incur throughout your life, due to your injuries/medical condition. These may include items such as lost earnings, care and assistance (time spent by loved ones caring for you after the accident), treatment costs, travelling expenses, medication etc.

All the above heads of claim when added together will determine the overall value of your compensation award.

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