Karl’s collision with a taxi changed the course of his career

Karl was riding his motorbike along a main road and was about to pass a junction on his left when a taxi failed to give way and pulled out on him. The injuries he sustained changed the course of his life and career, and as a result, we were delighted to secure £685,000 compensation on his behalf. 

Karl’s injuries including a severe blow to the head

The injuries Karl sustained during his accident were significant. He fractured his left hip and hand, and right wrist, and suffered soft tissue damage to his left knee.

But it was the injuries to his face and head that caused Karl and his family most concern. The A&E doctors working on his hip and wrist noticed that Karl had also suffered a fracture to his face, which on further investigation proved to be a “blow out” fracture to the left orbital floor (the bones that protect the eyeball). Even though Karl was wearing a helmet at the time of his accident, the force of impact was enough to leave him with permanent neuropsychological and cognitive problems.

As is typical in cases like these, we asked for an immediate interim payment to help meet the costs of Karl’s rehabilitation and ease cash flow problems, and over the course of Karl’s claim sought and received several additional interim releases.

We successfully proved that future loss of earnings would be significant

The interim payments helped at a time when Karl’s world had been turned upside down. His relationship with his wife was dramatically affected. He found it very difficult to cope with his children. And because of his head injury and the fact that he later had to have a hip replacement, he was unable to return to his much-loved career as a Commercial Diver.

Indeed, one of the major contested issues in the case was the fact that, prior to his accident, Karl had wanted to become a Saturation Diver, which is a highly paid job. It was down to our legal team and expert witnesses to prove that Karl would have progressed to this, had it not been for the accident.

Working with medical experts, we helped secure Karl’s financial future

It was a lot for Karl – then just 28 years old – to deal with. And it was all taken into account during our negotiations for a settlement figure. We worked with several eminent medical experts across various disciplines and succeeded in recovering substantial sums for future care and loss of earnings.

Karl was represented by Minster Law’s Lee Elmore, who says, “It was a pleasure to deal with Karl and his wife, and to secure a good result for them on this hard-fought case”