Back to Biking

Supporting you on your journey back to motorcycling

We understand how important being on the road is to our motorcycle clients but recognise that for some riders, getting back on a bike after an accident is not always easy – as well as physical injuries, psychological issues can often play a bigger part in preventing a rider from returning to motorcycling.

Our innovative Back to Biking initiative is aimed at those who are physically able to ride but are finding it difficult emotionally or mentally to return to riding after an accident. The programme’s three-phase approach enables participants to firstly address their emotional or confidence issues and refresh some key riding skills before eventually, undertaking a supported road ride.

The free-to-take-part initiative is open to all Minster Law clients past and present who are keen to put their accidents behind them and get back to motorcycling.

Back to Biking gave me more confidence and opened my eyes to getting back on a bike. After my accident I was a bit unsure of what needed to be done if I wanted to get back on a motorcycle – I knew that gaining confidence would help. The programme definitely helped me a lot in getting back to my love of motorcycling.Dragos Niculae, Back to Biking 2017 graduate
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If you’ve successfully completed or are currently pursuing a motorcycle accident claim with Minster Law and are physically able to ride but are finding it difficult emotionally or mentally to get back on the road, please ask your claims handler for more information about our forthcoming Back to Biking programme, which starts in March 2018. Alternatively, please contact