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Could anything hinder my motorcycle accident claim?

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Many things can hinder a motorcycle accident claim, but the main factor is liability. If liability is disputed during the motorcycle claims process, all evidence needs to be gathered to establish where the fault lies. If evidence indicates that you were at fault, this may affect your eligibility to make a personal injury claim however;…

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Minster Law responds to Justice Select Committee report into whiplash

Thursday 17th May 2018

Responding to the Justice Committee report into whiplash,* Michael Warren, managing director of Minster Law, said: “The Committee’s conclusions are a powerful endorsement of our view that the government’s personal injury reform agenda is poorly thought through.” “The Committee has listened to evidence from all parties and come down hard against the government and other…

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What can I claim for after my motorcycle accident and how much compensation will I receive?

Thursday 17th May 2018

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and are pursuing a personal injury claim, did you know you’re entitled to claim for more than just your injuries? Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, and providing the accident is ‘not your fault’, you may also be able to claim for: • Damage to:…

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Reflections from our newly qualified Solicitors

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Supporting the development of our people is something we’re really passionate about and our Training Contracts are a great opportunity for aspiring solicitors to kick-start their career within the legal industry. By experiencing different areas of the business through the various ‘seats’, trainees are able to gain practical experience and develop an understanding of how…

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